Work From Home Fashion Trends

In this time of lock-down due to coronavirus more people are working from home than ever to protect ourselves and other from this virus. Working from home has also affected our productivity level a lot.

It is proven again and again that what we wear has a great effect on our mood, productivity and overall on our sense of self. What we wear makes us feel positive and more productive and I know in this time we need to feel less stressed and more positive about us.

Before we discuss the work from home outfits here are some tips to stay positive and productive during this lockdown.

  • Stick to your regular getting ready routine.
  • Change out of your pajamas.
  • Be stylish but comfortable.
  • Pot on your shoes.
  • Style your hair, do skincare, put on mascara.
  • Refresh your wardrobe.

List of Work From Home Fashion Trends

1.  Cotton Dress And Mules

Changing out of your pajamas is difficult but wearing a long cotton dress is not that hard. Its comfy and stylish as long as you put some dazzling pair of earrings and some cute pairs of mules to go with it. So that you can tell you brain that it’s a put together look and you are ready to work from home.

2. Fuzzy Slippers And Floral Dress

Tried of heels and shoes, lets wear some cofy and warm fuzzy slippers( shhhh, no one needs to know). Put on a floral dress with it for your zoom meeting and you will feel ready and comfortable because your feet will be wrapped in cocoon of warmth.

3. Sweater And Linen Pants

As we said earlier that we need to find something comfy and stylish. This outfit screams this, you will be ready for work and the same time comfy enough to curl up with one of your kiddos. So do this fabric a try.

4. Classic Warp Top And Crop Jeans

As we said to feel productive and work more we need to dress, so maybe its time to pull out the big guns. Let’s brew some coffee and set out work table, dress up in these cool clothes and focus to done all the work that is pending.

5. Springtime Floral Jumpsuits And Flats

As we are entering spring and winter is long gone, let’s  bring some floral prints in our lives and dress in this white floral dress with some nude flats, so you will fell a blooming daisy.

6. Black And White Minimalist Look For Work From Home

If you are into neutral and black shades this is the look for you. For this minimal look you need a white boyfriend cut down shirt and pair it with black legging and finish this look with a headband to look chic and now you are ready for those mails.

7. Sporty Work From Home Outfit

If you are planning on working out some point during the day why not make it a two in one outfit and that legging with tank top will give you a reminder than you need to workout. And sport or workout clothes makes us super active and this way we can have more work done. Just don’t forget to tie your hair in a upward bun and now you are ready.

8. Fun Loungewear Matching Outfits

Just remember that not to sleep in your loungewear that you are planning on working on. Try to wear a bright colour and a cute shirt that makes you look flat. And do your makeup with this and style you hair to make it look more work related. Keep your pajamas and lounge wear separated.

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