why sunscreen is important

Why Sunscreen Is Important?

We know that wearing sunscreen is a must thing to prevent skin damage and sunburn. But do you know the sunscreen importance cannot be ignored year-round? Yes, sunscreen safeguards your skin all through the year no matter if it is a sunny or cloudy day.

The use of sunscreen has begun in ancient Egypt when the extracts of rice bran & jasmine together protected your skin from sun rays. In the present day, sunscreen has been enhanced a lot with several beauty products and cosmetics including:

  • Creams
  • Primers
  • Serums &
  • Foundations etc

Sunscreens are available in different shades to match up to your skin tone and color.

Shields Skin from Harmful UV Rays

shields skin from harmful UV rays

This is the very first reason to wear sunscreen when you go out in the sun. They act as protective guards of your beautiful skin against this harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Depletion in Ozonosphere has led to the rise of skin damage from unsafe UV rays. If you wear good sunscreen before going out then it helps to block these rays that can reduce the probability of sunburn greatly.

You can search for sunscreens having the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) not lesser than 30 (advised by doctors) and wear regularly.

Good to cover your whole body from these harmful UV rays!

Avoids Premature Ageing

avoids premature ageing

Speaking about sunscreen importance I cannot miss out on this point.

The main causes of the aging process can be classified into 2 categories including:

  • Intrinsic Ageing – This is persuaded by genetics
  • Extrinsic Ageing – Often seen because of different environmental factors like
  • UV Rays
  • Chemicals
  • Pollution etc

Harmful UV rays lead to the early breakage of skin elastic and collagen that further results in wrinkles as well as fine lines.

They can also lead to nearly 90% visible aging signs. Hence using sunscreen every day gives you youthful-looking and soft skin for the years to come. 

Reduces Hyper-pigmentation

reduces hyper pigmentation

Hyper-pigmentation is a usual skin condition that is normally seen due to sun exposure. In this condition the color of your skin forms into darkened patches which occur because of excessive production of melanin inside your skin.

Now it is said that harmful UV rays damage the cells producing pigments known as melanocytes that lead to melanin and finally hyper-pigmentation. People born with dark skin are more likely to suffer from this skin condition.

The use of sunscreen every day can relieve you off from this problem as well.

Keeps Your Complexion Even

Yes, this is what you can see after using sunscreen regularly when going out in the sun.

Well, this is another sunscreen importance to speak of. If your skin gets damaged by harmful UV rays then you may experience uneven skin texture which can snatch the beauty of your face.

With regular use of sunscreen, you can see a STOP to such undesired effects and enjoy even skin texture.

So start using sunscreen from now on if you haven’t started yet.

Damage Your Eyes

damage your eyes

Wear sunscreen to protect against critical eye problems including:

i) Cataracts: A yellow mark can form over the lens resulting in progressive loss of vision.

ii) Macular Degeneration: For people aged more than 60 years, this is the prime cause resulting from UV rays to the mid-point of your retina (back layer in every eye recording things we can see and then send to our brain instantly).

iii) Corneal Sunburn (Keratitis): Sun exposure can result in the painful cornea (clear surface admitting images & lights to the retina) burn. Also referred to as snowblindness, it is seen among hikers and skiers owing to the intensity of the sun at heights and the reflective nature of ice, water & snow.

iv) Conjunctival Cancers: Such forms of cancers are highly increasing specifically in old people.

Avoids Skin Inflammation

sunscreen importance avoids skin inflammation

UV rays can damage immune-protecting cell’s DNA resulting in radical damage and inflammation inside your body. Suppression of the immune system lessens the ability of our body to shield skin from cancers as well as other diseases.

As we all know the immune system has a key role to play to maintain the health of your body tissues and so it is a must to maintain healthy skin for good health.

Yet we get another sunscreen importance to cherish our skin.

Lessens Risk of Skin Cancer

Sunscreen proves to be effective to lessen the dangers of different skin cancers specifically melanoma. Mostly seen among ladies aged the 20s this skin cancer can prove fatal and even life-threatening as well. Applying sunscreen can yield some good results in terms of great relief from varied skin cancers.

Avoids Sun Sensitivity

avoids sun sensitivity

People who are highly sensitive to solar irritating conditions like Rosacea &Lupus should wear sunscreen regularly to be relieved of such problems. The sunscreen importance lays in the fact that it can save your skin from the harshness of UV rays and reduce problems such as:

  • Skin Burn
  • Redness &
  • Overall Criticality etc

Use every day and see the results yourself.

Get Healthy Skin Overall

sunscreen importance - get healthy skin overall

When you apply sunscreen before going out in the sun, you get healthy and soft skin owing to the availability of key proteins as Keratin. The result is seen in your glowing skin in terms of both functions and looks.

There is a good number of sunscreen importance (as we have already discussed). But the results can be seen only when you follow some important tips to wear sunscreen perfectly. Have a look at the tips here:

  • While you pick up a sunscreen you should check if it contains UVA & UVB to shield your skin from the harmful UV rays.
  • Wear the sunscreen for at least 20 to 30 minutes before going out in the sun.
  • Check if you have applied the sunscreen evenly all over your skin for complete protection from being burnt or blotchy skin.
  • Put on sunglasses to block the UVA & UVB inside your skin for protection.
  • Wear sunscreen throughout the year.

Following these tips will give you 100% protection against harmful UV rays.

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