what is trumpet gown

What is Trumpet Gown?

A trumpet gown has a skirt which is straight-lined. The skirt flares toward the hem, this fit and flare style of the dress hugs the bodice all the way down to the mid of the hip and then gradually spread to the bottom. The trumpet gown is modified variant of the mermaid dress style. But trumpet flairs just below the hip instead of like the mermaid which flairs below the knees. As you can guess from the name, the gradual flare of the trumpet gown’s skirt resembles with the shape of a musical instrument’s bell.

Trumpet Dress features:

This dress’s silhouette adds curves with a touch of drama, which makes it more interesting. Most wedding dresses are styled, like A-line, or ball gown or column, look, all these types are completely different from one another. But mermaid and trumpet gowns resemble with each other. At first sight, they may look identical. So, why both have different names for them.

Although the both dress styles may look strikingly similar, but trumpet and mermaid gowns are slightly different from one another. If you are looking for a perfect wedding dress like these styles and is confused between these two. Then narrow down your search, you will ultimately find the perfect wedding dress.

The form-fitting and curve-enhancing style of trumpet wedding gowns offers more mobility. Trumpet dress has become more popular in recent few years. So, the most important thing, you should try on a few different styles and see which one will work great for you and your body shape.

Difference Between Mermaid Gown and Trumpet Gown:

A trumpet style dress bodice fit is similar to a mermaid gown. Both hugs and contour the body in the right way and then at the bottom part they gradually flare outward.

The key difference between mermaid and trumpet style gowns is the point where the flare begins. In the case of the trumpet style the flare begins at mid-thigh. Which creates a trumpet-like (musical instrument) silhouette to the dress. In case of mermaid gown the flare begins below the knees, giving dress the mermaid look. The flare point in trumpet gown makes it a bit easier for the women to move around and walk as compared to a mermaid gown.

Another key point which makes mermaid and trumpet two different styles is also given here. Although this difference is slightly less obvious. This difference is between the size of the flare in both styles. The flare in Mermaid dress is more dramatic flare, while the flare in trumpet style gowns went down more gradually. Just like the mermaid dresses, the trumpet gowns may feature a train of any length, from cathedral length to sweep length trains. Trumpet gowns are also popular as Moonlight Bridal trumpet styles.

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Those women with hourglass shapes look stunning in trumpet gowns as well in mermaid gowns. But in case of women with boxy silhouettes may not feel comfortable in trumpet, because of the contouring bodice.

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