empire waist gown

what is empire waist dress?

The empire waist dress type has a high waistline that lies just below your bust and then the dress flares out to the hem. This design is perfect for pear-shaped figure as it will help to hide the bottom part and will put emphasize on the bust. The added embellishments on empire line gown such as embroidery. And sleeves will draw attention to your chest area and neckline which will create the illusion of big busts. If you are a woman with large bottoms and you don’t want attention to it. Than the Empire gown will help you in this regard. It can cover up body features like big buts, short torso or even short legs. Because the dress flares down from the bust line and these areas will be covered.

A dress silhouette is referring to the overall shape which a dress gives when someone wear it, in other words it is the dress outline. Different silhouettes aim is to emphasize or enhance different body types. If one silhouette meant to give slim look the other will help to show your curves. Some adds length your figure. The empire waist silhouette is especially popular in weddings and evening functions.

Empire Waist Dress features:

The empire-waist gown is a fitted bodice that flares down just under the bustline, rather than at the natural waistline, just like in A-line gowns. This gown type creates the slimming and lengthening shape’s effect. The waistline at the bustline in this dress creates a high, thin waist and a longer height effect. For petite women or plus-size women, who may want to re-direct attention from their hips or waist to their bust. The empire waist dresses are especially great for them.

Empire waist dresses are extraordinarily versatile in terms of styling. This dress’s necklines can vary from V-neck to turtleneck or to halter top. The sleeves can also vary in length from long sleeves to short sleeves or to sleeveless. You can also change the hem length that may be from above the knee length to floor-length. The above knee length empire-waist dress is often called as baby-doll dress or mini-dress.

Benefits Associated with Empire-Waist Dresses:

The empire silhouette is commonly used as party wears, cocktail wears, casual wears, sundresses, bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses, or anything in between. They are also popular as maternity dresses. As they help to hide the baby bump of a pregnant woman, because empire-waist dress do not have any cinching around the natural waist-line.

The outline in empire-waist looks flattering especially on a woman having pear body shape. If you looking for something which can disguise the stomach area and can put emphasize on the bust, this dress is made for you. This dress’s shape also helps to lengthen the body’s appearance.


Empire-waist dress style is a savior. It has high waistline that is right below the bust and the flare of the empire gown falls gracefully downward the floor. This dress is also considered a perfect choice for women or brides having slim figures small busts. Because empire dress will create an illusion of big busts with its fitting style

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