what is an sheath gown

What is an Sheath Gown?

In fashion designing, a sheath gown is a fitted and straight cut dress. Which is nipped at the waist-line with no seam at waist. When stitching the dress, the bodice of the gown and the skirt are joined together, by combining skirt’s dart into one dart. This then aligns skirt darts with darts of the bodice. The sheath gown put emphasize on the waist as the skirt portion is fitted. The sheath dress/gown come in many patterns and lengths. But most common is that which is worn with short sleeves and it reaches knee length.

These dresses go vertically down along the body line. And the hem also does not flare out like in other usual gowns. This gown will intensify your height. You must have this gown in your wardrobe collection. If you are not confident with your curves. But always remember wearing confidence makes you different from the rest of the people around you. Doesn’t matter what you wear just be confident in it.

Features of Sheath Gown:

features of sheath gown

The sheath gown has a body hugging fit all throughout the dress. This gown style has a long and sleek design. If you are not a tall girl and want to convey the look of tall lady. Than sheath gown will do wonder for you in this case. This gown is specially designed to be fitting and contouring your body along your curves. This dress is somewhat similar to the mermaid style dress. Because just like mermaid gown the sheath dress suits ladies with lean and slim figures. Your height will not matter here. Either you are short or tall, the nature of this dress is such that it will make you look taller.

What is Sheath Silhouette Dress?

The Sheath Dresses are the dominant example of silhouette. In simple words a dress silhouette is what you see in a dress at one sight/glance, means the outline of the dress. When designers plan to make a beautiful and stunning dresses. Especially the wedding dresses, the first thing which they keep in mind in the silhouette of the dress. Silhouette is the most basic thing about a dress design. You will have to design the silhouette first and then design rest of the style associated with it.

The Sheath gown’s silhouette is fit from the top to the bottom of the gown. The way this silhouette couture the body curves, it makes the dress unforgiving style. Specially for the women with a perfect figure (body shape). A defined waist is the main part of the sheath gown. You can choose to wear this dress on any special occasion on your way. This style is usually made with slits style at the hem. Which makes it comfortable to move or walk in this beautiful dress style. Plus the slits add more elegance in the dress design.

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Regardless of your body type, the sheath dress is super flattering, timeless and, versatile. It is a great choice for almost all occasions, it is also an excellent option for the office. The other word commonly used for sheath style dresses also is the column wedding dress.

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