what is an a-line gown

What is an A-Line Gown?

The “A-line” term is used to describe a dress type, skirt, or gown which have a triangular silhouette appearance, narrow and fitted at the top part of the body. And then spreading out either from the bust or from the waist in a straight-line form to the hem. More specifically, when we use the term A-Line it is understood to mean a garment with alphabet A like structure. Such gowns stand away from the body and form the sides of the A. The fronts are often cut in one piece for A-line gowns (garments), having darts for fitting purpose, and skirts often do not have waistband structure.

History Of The A-Line Gown

The term A-Line become the part of fashion industry. And is entered the vocabulary of fashion, through the couturier Christian Dior’s collection for the year 1955 during Spring. He named his collection A-Line. The most influential from his collection was the “A-Line” dresses. Which are characterize by a narrow shoulder and a smooth flare toward the hem and with the elongated waistline. The waistline is either high under the bust or it is drop toward the hips. Forming like the crossbar of the A (like a triangle). From than it became the signature look in the fashion industry.

A-Line Gown Style:

An A-Line Gown is a classic and timeless dress which is suitable for any kind of evening time event. It has a fitted bodice gown which gradually flows out from the waist-line to down touching the ground forming the shape of an ‘A’. This design is great choice for all figures and body shapes. But if you are a woman with larger bust this gown is for you.

Modern A-Line gown is the modified version of traditional A-Line Gown.

Modern A-Line Gown:

The gown has a fitted bodice in this style and then the skirt flares spreading gently and elegantly from the waist to the skirt hem. Giving the shape of a capital letter A, just like the traditional A-line gown. There is only a minimum difference between traditional and modern A-line gowns. But both look amazing on women of all ages and different variants are available, from which you can chose just according to the type of event you are going to attend.

The A-line is usually achieved with princess line panels that’s why they are also called as princess line gown. The A-Line dress’ or skirt is not as full dress as the Ball Gowns. But it is still able to hide a large lower body part and creates an illusion of curvy figure. A-line gown or dress is also perfect for a casual setting or event.


This gown type is so comfortable and easy to carry. You can dress it will feel no uneasiness regarding carrying it along the event time. This style adds a feminine touch to your lower half and it shows off your lovely shoulders. It is best for women having pear-shaped body. You should must have this gown in your dresses collection.  

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