Travel Essentials For Winter Holidays

TRAVEL ESSENTIAL FOR WINTER HOLIDAYS : Winters are the best time for a vacation and who doesn’t love to travel but packing for cold weather when you are planning a holiday is a whole new skill. But don’t worry these are some of the travel essential for winter holidays things that you will be needing while traveling.

1. Medicine


You never know when you will catch something in the cold so its better to be prepared. Flu and fever are the most common things to catch in the cold weather. You should also have decongestant for stuffy nose or runny nose. And if you are prone to body aches or your muscle get fatigued easily, keep painkiller with you on all time, as the cold weather can worsen the condition sometimes.

2. Thermals

No matter what your activity levels are, thermals are a part of your winter wardrobe because the help regulate your body temperature. You just need to choose the right thermals for yourself considering the weather conditions around you.

3. Gloves


The small things are the most important, you need to but waterproof gloves, so that when you’ve a snowball fight or pick snow up, they don’t leave your hand soaking wet. You might want to find gloves that have touch capabilities as in today’s world most of the electronic devices are touchscreen.

4. Portable chargers


The most serious problem that you are  going to face in extreme weather conditions is that you phone battery tends to die faster than usual because the low temperature cause the chemical reaction in the battery to slow down. So this portable charger is going to come in handy when you want to upload stuff on instagram.

Another tip, keep you phone close to body to keep it warm. It will help the battery not to die that fast.

5. Down jacket


Down jackets are insulated with soft and warm feathers of duck or geese. These are the best insulator against the cold chilling winds. Try to but waterproof ones, so that if you fall in the snow you don’t end up being soaking wet. Try to find a jacket with detachable hood that will be easier to pack.

6. Boots


Most people will tell you that you don’t needs good boots, just wear extra socks to keep your feet warm. But they are wrong you, you need waterproof boots because they are important. Those extra pair of socks can keep your feet warm but not protect them from getting wet.

7. Cap


Your jacket hood works like a cap but sometimes in extreme weather that doesn’t help. You need a cap that’s made of wool or fleece to keep your head and ears warm. Most people says that most of the body heat escape through the head. And yin cold weather you need that heat to protect yourself from getting sick.

8. Chapstick and moisturizer


The air in the winter is dry as a bone, you think that snow will help and the air wont be this dry but spend a few days adventuring in snow and you are going to end up with chapped lips and dry skin and body. So keep good moisturizer and lip balms to help you.

9. Heat pads

Keep your heat pads with you that you can easily heat up in the microwave and put them in your shoes or gloves to warm yourself up. Because trust me you are going to need them several time doe instant relief.

10. Scarves


You might not think this through when you are3 packing but when you are there in the snow your neck tends to get cold so quickly and you will need a cool scarf to cover your neck and keep it safe from cold winds.

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