top summer skin care tips to follow

Top Summer Skin Care Tips To Follow


Every year the extreme hot of the summer season is taking a toll on the skin and to prevent it here are the best summer skin care tips.


Most people will experience a lot of skin issues during the time of summer and it has become a normal thing. The skin gets oily, you will have patches and dry skin, and also your skin will get pimples, acne, and breakouts. But you can prevent all these issues if you are following some summer skin care tips.


According to health experts, the warmer temperature will make some changes in your skin. During the summer, not only the heat affects your skin but also the pollution and other environmental contaminants will make your skin look dull and blemish. So, here are the 7 best summer skin care tips that will keep your skin radiant and healthy.

How does summer affect your skin?

When the temperature gets warmer, then the humidity in the environment gets increased. So, your skin will start to produce more oil, and the oil gets settled on the surface of the skin. This will make your skin look more sticky and greasy, and also it will block the pores.

In summer, the most common skin problem faced by a lot of people is acne. If you are having oily skin, then your skin is more prone to bacteria. When the oil in the skin gets to mix with the sweat then you will get acne.

Also, when your skin is exposed to harmful UV rays, then your skin starts producing more melanin to protect your skin. This will lead to darkening and tanning of the skin.

So, here are the top 6 summer skin care tips that will help your skin.

Top 6 Summer Skin Care Tips :

1. Wash your face often

The face wash is the first and most important summer skin care tip, and this should be followed all the season to make your skin clean and hygiene. You need to wash your face at least 3 to 4 times a day so that your skin will be free of dust and sweat.

Washing your face doesn’t mean that you need to use facewash every time; even clean water is fine to wash your face. Once or twice a week, you can use a scrubber which can be chosen based on your skin type. Frequent facewash will keep your skin hydrated, and also grime-free.

2. Give importance to the sunscreen

The most important summer skin care tips are to use sunscreen whenever you go out during the summer season. During the summer season, the exposure level of the UV-rays will be higher, so wearing sunscreen will be the best idea.

Your sunscreen cream should have an SPF of 30 and you need to wear the cream before 20 to 30 minutes you go out in the sun. Sunscreen will minimize skin problems, and also it will reduce wrinkles and fine lines. If you are having oily skin, then you can prefer the gel-based sunscreen.

3. Keep your skin hydrated

If your skin is not hydrated, then you will get most of the skin problems. During the summertime, your skin needs a lot of moisture and hydration. So, you can drink more water, and also for effective results you can buy a hydrating mask which you can use twice a week.

The hydrating mask should be wear at night, so that it helps to repair, rehydrate, and soothe your skin. Also, the hydrating mask helps to treat certain skin conditions like dryness, acne, oil, etc. It will add glow to your skin and helps in blemished your skin.

4. Exfoliate your skin

These are the most prescribed summer skin care tips by Dermatologists but remember sometimes even over-exfoliate can damage your skin. If you have oily skin, then you need more exfoliation. If you are new to the exfoliation, then don’t do it once, instead slowly increase your exfoliate day. This will helps to open the blocked pores, and also it will reduce the oil content produced by the skin so you will have acne-free skin.

Also, your skin feels nice, and it will reduce the stress of the skin caused by the summer. It will also help to clear the debris and remove the dead cells.  

5. Use moisturizer

A moisturizer is the most important skincare to protect your skin from the harsh sunlight. Based on your skin type, you can choose any of the moisturizers, and try to prefer the one which is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. If your moisturizer has SPF then it will even better.

The moisturizer should be applied to the skin immediately after the bath. Even in summertime, your skin needs some moisture. If you have oily skin, then you can use a moisturizer along with cleansing. The moisturizer will protect the skin from pollutants and chemicals, and also prevent skin dryness, and irritation.

6. Include anti-oxidants

The antioxidant is the most important element to your skin as it will help your skin from environmental damage. So, you can prefer skincare products like serum, sunscreen, and moisturizer which come with an additional amount of antioxidants.

It will also improve collagen development, and prevent wrinkles. The best thing about antioxidants is that they will reduce the inflammation caused by the summer and heat. Also, it will neutralize the harmful free radicals and repair your damaged skin. It is best for the combination skin and even most foods are rich in antioxidants so you can have that.

Bottom Line:

In summer, your skin needs more hydrated, and it is your responsibility to keep your skin cool away from all the heat. So, if you practice the summer skin care tips as your routine then you can able to protect your skin from the harsh heat from UV rays. Your skin needs extra attention during the summer, and you need to protect it from the harmful effects of heat and sun.

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