Tips To Maintain Healthy Life Style During Pandemic

Healthy Life Style During Pandemic

The global outbreak of coronavirus has altered life as we know it. With regular changes happening, it’s completely normal to feel over whelmed, stressed or anxious.  While it’s crucial to practice social distancing and self-isolation it can result in loneliness. We are social beings and we to connect or it results in loneliness. It’s really important to take care of your mental health now, more than ever. Below are the list of tips to maintain healthy life style during pandemic.

1. Practice mindfulness

The Practice of mindfulness during this pandemic has proven to be useful in lowering anxiety, stress and loneliness. Being mindful in what you do and paying attention will help you cultivate a sense of being.

This doesn’t mean that you have to take the time out and practice mindfulness. Just while you are eating you can concentrate only on your eating and don’t watch TV or talk to someone. Have you ever noticed that when you are nervous, you tend to breathe faster. You should try to take deep and longer breaths and try to hold your breath for five seconds. Practice mindfulness breathing can benefit you in long run it calms your parasympathetic nervous system.

It helps you control your negative feelings, whenever your thoughts are getting out of control and you feel overwhelmed, express you emotion through journaling, painting, drawing or writing.

2. Healthy and balanced diet

You should try to eat more fruits and vegetables, that helps boost your immune system to fight against Covid 19. Don’t consume too much caffine, black tea or coffee. Try using herbal tea or chamomile tea, it helps you sleep better. Stay hydrated, don’t forget to drink a lot of water, as it is the best antioxidant.

3. Stay connected During Pandemic

In this time of self isolation, you should try new technologies to connect with your families and friends. Skype and zoom like apps helps you to connect and virtually allows you to see them. If you are using Facebook currently then you can use messenger for chatting and play games with your friends.

4. Stay active

You need to do some physical activity daily either its walking, jogging or gardening in your backyard. Stretching and flexibility exercises are good for your muscles to stay in shape and strong. People also prefer yoga, staying active in self isolation is important for you mental and physical health. Establish a daily routine and add some sort of physical activity in that with all your daily chores.

5. Stay entertained

Staying busy and entertained is so important during this pandemic. You can watch movies, listen to music, watch documentaries. Use Netflix to watch your favorite shows, subscribe to YouTube channels and learn new things. Try new things, as I started painting during pandemic and I never knew I could be this good. Practice makes you perfect. So if you wanted to try something new and you never got the chance, now is your time. You can do so many new things and learn all the from YouTube.

6. Stay informed with the right information

Don’t believe everything that is on social media. Go to the right websites and stay up to date about the Covid-19 situation. Stay home and protect yourself and others.

7. Pick new hobbies

People are starting new business in pandemic, you guys can do that too. Some are selling face masks, painting, pottery. All of the new hobbies that they learned in their free time and now are making money from that. You can do this too. Just try and get started today as I said before practice makes you perfect, so don’t get disappointed if you cannot get the good result so soon.

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