the best sunglasses to suit your face shape

The Best Sunglasses To Suit Your Face Shape


Are you looking for the best sunglasses that will suit your face shape, and then this article will help you with that.


While buying the best sunglasses, it is important to choose a sunglasses that will match your face shape. As this article will help to bring out your unique facial contours. There are thousands of varieties of sunglasses are available in the market. So you will face difficulties while choosing the best sunglasses.

How to choose the best sunglasses?

how to choose the best sunglasses

The best sunglasses can be chosen if you know your facial shape. So before buying any kind of sunglasses you should know your facial feature. The face shape is categorized into five main categories such as round, square, oval, heart, and triangular.

You need to choose a glass that will suit your facial structure, and also the glass should express your personality and spirit. Here are some tips that will let you know how to choose the best sunglass that will suit your face.

1. Round


When it comes to the round face, the face consists of softer angles, and also they have wider cheekbones, forehead, and jaw. You need to choose a frame that comes with bold and angular lines, and also prefer rectangular frames that will sharpen your facial features.

The frame should hit above your cheekbones, so that the sunglass will make you look elongated, and your face may look thinner and sharper. You should avoid wearing the round frames, and the frame that may seem smaller as these kinds of frames will make your face look more round.

Here are some frames that will suit you if you have a round face.  

  • Ray-ban aviator sunglasses will come in classic and impressive styles. This is the most preferred glass for the round-face people
  • Krewe x Billy Reid Court Sunglass will give the throwback an old look, and it can be used for varying light conditions.

2. Square


When it comes to the square-shaped face, it consists of more angular lines, and the lines are equally wide with the cheekbones, forehead, and jaw. So, you need to choose a rounder frame as it consists of softer features. Also, the frame should be thinner, so that your facial contour can be clearly expressed. The width of the frame should be slightly wider than the cheekbones. These kinds of frames will enhance the harmonious and natural look of your face.

Here are the best sunglasses that will suit your square-shaped face;

  • Salt Buck Sunglasses is mainly designed for the military and later on, this has become a style for the square-shaped people
  • Eyevan 7285717 Sunglasses is considered the best as it will give a handsome look, and it will beautifully balance the shape of the face

3. Oval


The oval face is considered a versatile face shape, as it will fit any kind of frame, and this face has a wider cheekbone. Which will get wider when narrow through the forehead, and jaw. The perfect sunglass for the oval-shaped people is the one which comes with the over-sized frames. and also the frame that consists of a lot of detailing work.

If you want to enhance the style then you can prefer the bold style, and this kind of frame will enhance the color and texture.

Here are the few sunglasses that will suit to oval shape;

  • Neubau Hannes Sunglasses is a lightweight sunglass and it comes with a unique shade. These kinds of frames are made of flexible stainless steel, and you can get this frame in a lot of colors
  • David Kind Richmond Sunglasses is available in a variety of colors, and it comes with high-quality five-barrel hinges

4. Heart


The heart-shaped face will have a wider forehead, and also it will narrow through the jaw. The sunglass that suits the heart-shaped face is a modified wayfarer shape. And this kind of frame will work with all kinds of features. The width of the frame should be slightly larger than the forehead. So that it will balance the shape of your face.

While choosing the frame you need to be careful as you need to choose a frame that has a detailing work in the lower portion.

Here are some frames that will suit the heart-shaped face;

  • Ace & Tate Hudson Sunglasses will come at an affordable rate and these kinds of glasses will have an anti-scratch coating. This is made of high-quality materials
  • Randolph Engineering Aviator is hard to beat sunglass, and it will look best on the heart-shaped face
  • Barton Perreira Tucker Sunglasses has a unique shade feature, and it is a light-weight frame that comes with an anti-reflective coating

5. Triangular


The triangular face has a wider jaw and this wider jaw will gradually get narrowed when moving to the forehead. You can choose a glass that comes with detailed features in the upper portion of the frame, and the width of the frame should be wider than the jawline. So that it will perfectly balance the shape of your face.  

If you have a triangular face then you can prefer the frame which comes with the browline or cat-eye frames. The frame should be a combination of both round and angular shapes. If you want to highlight your face, then you can prefer bold-style frames.

Here are the best sunglasses that will suit a triangular-shaped face.

  • Raen Aren Sunglasses is available in narrow and wider size, and also it is available in a lot of colors so that will match with any kind of occasion
  • Persol Pilot Sunglasses is the most preferred choice, and it will offer high comfort, and also they look stylish

Bottom Line:


This article has helped you to get an idea, how to choose the best sunglasses that will match your face. And also the glass which will balance the natural look of the face. Even in sunglasses too you will get a lot of frames, so you need to prefer the one that will match your skin tone and eye shape.

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