what is mermaid gown

Mermaid Gown – What is Mermaid Gown?

The mermaid gowns are very sexy and appealing in look because it gives your figure and curve an enhanced look. The mermaid silhouette has fitted bodice and will contour your body starting from your chest part down to your knee. After knee it beautifully flare out dramatically spreading downward to the edge of the dress. This stylish gown is the best if you have slender smart to very smart figure, and it will look elegant on your body regardless of your height.

For women with fuller body look it well not suit them. But if you want to highlight your curves you can pick this dress. Not everyone is able to carry this stylish gown easily, comfortably and most important confidently. That’s why the most important thing while wearing mermaid gown is to be confident in it. If you have the perfect body shape and figure than the mermaid gown is the one for you; you will feel comfortable and confident while wearing it.

The fit : defining feature of mermaid gown:

defining feature of mermaid gown

Mermaid gown is perfect choice for women with perfect body figure having definite and enhanced curves, this gown will add more elegance to their figure. They will look way too beautiful and stunning while carrying this dress style on their special occasion. But if you are way too smart and petite. The mermaid gown may not be the right choice, because it can make you feel too skinny.

Because in the mermaid gown type the skirt is tight fitted at hips up to the thighs but flares out from the point of knees. So, if you are skinny person don’t go for this style, the fitted bodice will be of no use for you, instead it can make you look and feel bad. The mermaid gown is also known as the trumpet gown. There are only a few women out there which will not have curves to show off. For most of the ladies this gown will suit them and will enhance their figure.

The mermaid gowns are often strapless, but there is no hard and fast rule regarding whether or not the dress may have straps, sleeves or even other details around the neck-line. May be that’s why this dress is more favored among women with larger chest or an especially curvy framed woman. Traditionally the mermaid gown is a close-fitting dress through the bodice and fitting goes down through the hips and to about full or half of the lower calf. That details are important to mention here because it can be hard to walk in this dress.

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Mermaid gowns does not look flattering on every figure. The fishtail dresses are very sexy but looks elegant only on the tall, slender women. It can also look best for hourglass figure woman because it fits close to the waist and hips. The flared skirt also creates an illusion of more curves as well. If you don’t have much waist curve, you may lose the effect.

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