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How to pair your shirt with your pant for men?

Introduction :

Building your closet becomes more easy if you can make a strong base of basic relaxed wear. You can stick to the classics by beginning with the basics or integrate transformation. This is a relaxed simple wardrobe guide for the working man; suits and corporate attire are not included. After you’ve settled on your favorite shirt and pant type, it’s time to get creative.


If you can’t tell the difference between contrasts and color combinations and end up blaming your mother or wife for your work attire every day, you’re not alone.

Solid Same Color – Matching Your Shirt and Pant

This is a fantastic, under-utilized style choice. By not visually chopping the body in two, this combination elongates the body, making you look taller and smaller. It’s a perfect way to showcase favorite items like sneakers or a great belt and it’s a clean casual look.

When putting together your closet, stick to blues and neutrals. You’ll have more outfit choices, and your versatility will give you more confidence when it comes to incorporating color and design. 

Tone-On-Tone (a technique for combining two or more tones into one)

Tone-on-tone informal ensembles are a perfect alternative to solid-color ensembles. The slightest color contrast between a top and bottom will make a big difference in the outfit’s overall feel. A classic tone-on-tone ensemble consists of navy trousers and a light blue top. The possibilities are infinite, but shades of grey provide a very contemporary look.

Make sure the hues are complementary; for example, both shades should have a warm or cold undertone. If you’re going to wear blue, make sure all blues are warm or.

Neutral Shirt, Color Pant

The polar opposite of the above, ideally achieved with denim or classic shades. Olive green trousers are a brilliant choice for this ensemble because olive is a neutral color.

Maintain a neutral paint palette. If not done correctly, wearing color on the top shirt and pant will look busy or clearly sloppy and uncoordinated. Color tops should be paired with neutral bottoms, and color bottoms should be paired with neutral tops. 

Neutral At The Top, Neutral At The Bottom

Soft chinos with a dark khaki top are an example of an often-overlooked combination. Grey shades can be a contemporary look that evokes a good sense of casual wear.

Denim, both dark and light washes, can be worn as a neutral on almost every reason – contemporary men have embraced denim as part of their everyday wardrobe. The better we can incorporate things into our lives spontaneously, the more classic they become.

Back To Black

According to popular belief, black goes for everything. The black on top casual outfit is often underutilized. This is a must-have for any guy, regardless of skin tone or body type; you can’t go wrong with it.

For a relaxed style, pair black with lighter-colored jeans. Darker bottoms will give you a more formal appearance. 

Pattern On Top

This is a warm-up for the next step of casual fashion, which adds a layer of interest and novelty. Frequently, your accessories, such as watches and belts, can perform this function. When you need to take things up a notch, a pattern is a quick fix. Often begin with the classics before branching out. For this, a basic dot is a perfect option.

Plaid can be avoided. For most guys, this is a difficult idea to understand. Plaid is a pattern that has reached the end of its life cycle, has been overused, and is on its way out. It’s easier to spend your money on prints, designs, or big checks, which give you more opportunities for creating your own casual style and are less likely to date.

Matching and Contrast- Choose the right Colors

Often aim for great contrasts, with a good mix between light and dark tones. For your shirt, go for a lighter color, when your pants should be darker. Keep the color in mind while sporting a tie.!!

Light Shirts (White, Beige, Sky Blue, Baby Pinks) – Dark Trousers (Chocolate, Navy, Camel, Electric) and you’ll be well!!

When it Comes to Checks And Patterns, Be Cautious

If you are lean and need bulk, use larger checks when going for the checks. Stripes must be chosen over checks for the stout. Often, stick to one color with your trousers and tie and don’t mix it up with anything else.

Ever Green Pairs – Shirt and Pant

Men of light skin look great in black shirt and white slacks. For parties and weddings, a black shirt with a hint of glitter is a wise option.

Going with Pastels – Shirt and Pant

Pastels are making their way into the men’s world as well. We now have a large selection of lovely pastels in formal pants. They’re not only stylish, but they’re also a godsend to the men who have nothing but blues and blacks in their basket!!

Make sure your pastel trousers are the right fit for you!!! They have the potential to go horribly wrong.

Shirt and Pant Color Shades According to Skin Tones

The complexion of a man has a significant effect on whether the shades he likes to wear flatter him or make him fit in with the crowd. Typically, men’s complexions fell into the following categories.

Men with a High Contrast

This group includes men with a lot of variation between their skin (usually fair) and their dark hair.

They must:

Wear ties and trousers that contrast directly with their skin, such as Navy Blue or Beige with a white collar or lighter colors. They look amazing in pinks and pastels.

They can also play around in white and grey, wearing brightly colored ties to bring out their pale skin.

Men with Low Contrast

This category includes men with darker skin tones and a poor contrast between their hair and skin. They can aim for:

Brown and earthy tones are dark and grim colors.

Rather than experimenting with various contrasts, they should aim to achieve a monochromatic look.

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