How To Look Stylish In A Face Mask ?

This Covid 19 pandemic has been disrupting lives and claiming some, it is our responsibility to follow the preventive measures to protect ourselves and other from this virus. We have to continue social distancing and wear face mask regularly keep us and everyone safe from coronavirus.

As the work places are opening and we have to return to our daily chores by following the protocol issued by the government, wearing a face mask is part of your clothing now. Face mask have become a cohesive part of our fashion sense, but we don’t need to look like clown while wearing a face mask. These are some ways to look stylish in face masks.


1. Get yourself a quality mask

Don’t compromise on the quality of you mask, because that’s going to protect you from the should be comfortable or you will want to take it off after sometime. Its hard to wear face masks for 8 hours straight when you are at work but invest in good masks. Some of the companies are making neon mask that glows at night, some have ear buds with Bluetooth and mic ,that allows you to answer your calls without removing your mask.

You can even use hacks or buy the strip that help to keep you mask straps in place and it wont hurt your ears. Its helpful when you have to wear mask for a longer period of time.

2. Choose your fabric

For different occasions, you can wear different fabric mask with a lot of designs. People are selling silk masks with embroidery, cotton matte etc. Choose your fabric according to your occasion and you’ll look stylish in those with your outfit.

3. Choose look-Alike Accessories

To look chic while wearing a face mask, you should wear something matching the mask. With only the mask you’ll look dull and boring, so you can add some accessory matching to your mask colour like a handbag, headband, scarves, earrings or shoes.

4. One colour theme

Single colour clothing is easy to synchronize with your face mask. Monochrome outfits can be an excellent way to accomplish that classy look with face mask. For example, black face mask will go perfectly with the black clothes that you have in your wardrobe. You can also add some black shoes and a bag  to get that chic look that you have always wanted before the pandemic.

Neutral colours like black and white will easily pair up with everything. Find a colour that you love and dress up in that from head to toe and all eyes will be on you.

5. Mix up your prints

You can take you brightly colour printed clothes and order a mask matching those prints. Make sure that the colour fit in together. A low-key pattern with over-the-top-price  will bring out that grace you have been looking for. This idea is goof for summer and spring time when we tend to wear such brightly coloured prints. If you guys haven’t tried it, you should it look so attractive and catches people eye a lot. You can also add floral prints of all shapes and sizes to your face masks. But to look remember to add something matching to your outfit.

6. Print something on your mask

You can get something printed on your mask, be creative and classy. You will surely make some great face mask. Like a red bright printed lip, to look like you are wearing a lipstick. Or some smileys, your favourite character from a movie or a series. Give it a try you won’t regret it.

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