How To Look Fashionable During Lock-down

As the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced everyone to stay home to protect themselves. At this strange time most of us forgot the need of style. Some people would like to stay in their pajamas all day because they thing no one is looking but there are still many good reasons for styling and look fashionable during lock-down.

Firstly, don’t underestimate the power of a good outfit because an average looking outfit can change your mood no matter what and we need a little bit of normality and fun to distract ourselves from the current situation. Mixing and matching outfit in the morning can keep you busy and makes you happy when you are all dressed up. How to look fashionable during this pandemic, let’s have a look at these tips that we have combined:


1. Look for inspiration

You Have got so much free time in lock-down, go search your closet, mix and match, try new looks. Create new looks and if you cannot understand how to do this look for inspiration on Pinterest, search for your favorite fashion bloggers on Instagram, watch YouTube videos and create new creative looks.

Doing this will keep you busy and lift your mood instantly. There will be some normality left in your life.

2. Skincare

You cannot look stylish if your skin looks unhealthy. If during lockdown you are using minimal make up or no makeup and you think you do not need to do your skincare anymore then you’re wrong. Your skin needs care so use face mask regularly, if you use make up remove that before going to sleep and wash your face properly to get rid of all that make up and apply moisturizer.

Use your favorite product and treat your skin with your favorite masks or cleansers once a week. Keep your skin fresh.

3. Clean your wardrobe

If you feel stressed, cleaning up your closet is a great way of house in therapy. How long it has been since you cleaned and organized your closet? Long enough, right. Now it’s time to pick your favorite pieces and take out the un-necessary ones out. Don’t throw them out if they are still in good condition, you can use social media and internet to sell them and make some extra money in this lock-down.  

Doing this will help you to pick your outfit every morning easily and you will not spend hour searching for the right clothing as everything will be organized and clean.

4. Dress for success

Now that you are done with cleaning and organizing your wardrobe. Let’s dress up and create some great looks. As I mentioned earlier “A good outfit can change your mood instantly”.

Now try dressing for a wedding or an interview or for normal work day. This way when this pandemic is over you’ll have so many choices and looks to wear and show people what you really can do when you’re happy and productive. Your clothes gives you confident, own them.

5. Take photos of your outfits

Take a lot of pictures of your outfits and post them on Instagram. Ask your friends for suggestions and what look do they think you should try next. Play some outfit games or social media challenges are so in these days. Because that is the only way to connect with the world.

These photo will help you and remind you how positively and stylishly you handled the pandemic and more people are going to try this maybe because of you. Another way of looking at this is that you might help someone and motivate them to get out of their pajamas.

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