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Fashion Vs Style : Difference Between Fashion And Style


Most people get confused with the term fashion vs style; it is hard to tell the difference but there are few important distinctions.


If you observe deeply, you can able to find the difference between fashion vs style. Fashion is defined as what is offered and worn by most people at a particular period. On the other hand, style is unique and personal, and it is not related to fashion. The style defines a person, and it is forever. But the fashion is an over quickly.


Fashion and style are two different terms, which are used for the younger generation. There is a slight differentiation between fashion vs style, fashion is something where we dress according to what is fashionable and the style is one where we dress which suits us. Fashion is a trend followed by everyone where the style is unique and differs for each people.

What is Fashion?

what is fashion

Fashion is defined as a dominant style, and it is followed by a specific culture for a certain period. Fashion is preferred by a group of people but the trend won’t last longer. So, people who are preferring fashion will dress according to others interest and also the dress which is mentioned in the magazines, TV, and fashion runways.

In fashion, you don’t have any unique style, and you will resemble like everyone else. Fashion is versatile, and it can be changeable, and it attracts a large group of people as it offers countless designs.

What is Style?

what is style

Style is referred to the way where a person dresses according to his/her own interest and it is the way of expressing themselves. The style can be shown not only through clothing, but also it can be shown via writing or architecture, or some other things. In the style, an individual express themselves by making aesthetic choices in clothing, accessories, and hairstyle. They create a unique or forever style by combing all the things together.

What Is The Difference Between Fashion And Style?

what is the difference between fashion and style

There is always an overlap between fashion vs style, style is something that is followed by the individual where fashion is something that is followed by the collective people. Here are some major differences which shows that both fashion and style are two different things;

Own and other’s interest:

The style is always defined as the individual’s interest, which means one can dress according to their own interest. Style is the way of expressing one self, and dressing on their own interest. Style is far away from the fashion, and in the style one’s comfort is considered the most important thing. Based on their comfort and interest, they will dress which is followed by only them.

But on the other hand, fashion will come under the business of the fashion industry, so it will followed by a lot of people. Here you will be dressed based on other’s interest, and sometimes even they will sell their fashion to other people.

Old and New Trends

The style is considered the timeless concept, and it won’t be disappear after a particular time. Even you can follow the same style after years, as this style is owned by you only. Here you will give important to your own ideas, rather than focusing on other’s ideas.

But fashion is something called trendy, as after certain years people will stop following the old fashion and will adapt to the trendy ones. So, the fashion will stay in the market for a shorter time.

External and Internal

Fashion is mostly concerned with what is available in the store, and what people are following in recent times. The primary interest of the fashion is to match with others that are what is out there vs what I am going to wearing. So, in simple words, if my clothing style will match that of the public then it is considered fashion. Fashion will take the attention away from us.

The style is totally a different thing, as it will concentrate only on what I am wearing. Style always deals with the self-sense, your identity, and your perception. It mostly defines you, and it won’t match with the outside trends. Your style of clothing will define you. The style will try to bring attention directly to ourselves.


When it comes to clothing, the clothing in the fashion is deemed to be fashionable, and whereas in style it depends on the person’s uniqueness.

When your clothing resembles the fashion, then it means you are creating a distance yourself from yourself. Fashion may consider as a desirable thing for particular people at some point in time.

In style, the clothing may help to bring yourself to yourself, and it develops a relationship within you. You can able to find your interest and also you know what suits you and what needs you. Style is mainly depending on the two things one is concentration and the other is orientation. It also determines how it is informed and how it is expressed in the form of clothing.

Other Differences of Fashion Vs Style:

other differences of fashion vs style
  • Both fashion and style are related to the concepts, but there is a slight difference. Certain dress code like bell bottom jeans was introduced in the 70s which was followed by many people and that is fashion. But still, some people are preferring it which determines their style statement
  • The success of fashion entirely depends on the public, where everyone needs to accept it and follow it. But style doesn’t need any acceptance as it is created for an individual needs
  • Fashion changes every now, but the style is eternal and belongs to an individual

Bottom Line:

And now you will be clear, that fashion vs styles are two different terms, fashion is always shifting, and style has a dynamic nature. Fashion won’t be more comfort, but the style is all about more comfortable and it can be chosen based on your comfort zone and what suits you. Fashion keeps on changing, but the style stays forever.  

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