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Fashion Through History – fashion History

The choices and tastes of people for fashion have changed a lot throughout the great course of fashion history. If you consider as of today’s era, one can have limitless fashion choices. He or she can choose from a different style of outfits considering the details like:

  • Size
  • Shade
  • Fabric structure etc.

However, such pleasure of choosing from numerous options was a rare thing during the past decade. But with the immense evolution of technology and of course the mindset of the human race. Fashion trends have also been evolved quite dramatically.

Evolution of Fashion – Fashion History

Followings are just some glimpses of the fashion trends that have been transform overages.

1610 To 1615

elizabethan womans jacket 1610-1615


I am sure you are going to say this by looking at the awesome designed Elizabethan Woman’s Jacket. Named after the Queen of England & Ireland (1558 to 1603) the jacket had been in trend and loved by wearers during the era.

The spectacular look of the jacket designed with English embroidery was a gem for wearers. What made the design popular were its floral vines featuring coiling tendrils….. this was the design usually used during the era in:

  • Gents’ Formal Caps
  • Ladies’ Headdresses

Made up of Silver and Golden embroidered daffodils. The design was loved by wearers from (1610 to 1615). However, in the year 1630, this Elizabethan jacket was restyled. Followed by restoring to its original style in 1963.

The design is still the HEART of many vintage-styled lovers.

The 1900s  

bend corset 1900 fashion history

During this period, the S – Bend Corset was introduced into the world of fashion history. For the first time, the style was named as health corset. Which was the kind to modify the posture of the wearer. Moreover, ladies considered it healthy compared to its former vintage styles.

But as we all know fashion changes every day. This had to go after a certain period leaving some good memories behind.

Nearing the end of this 1900s or The Edwardian Period the trend had changed and the focus moved to Girdles.

This was somewhat different from the traditional silhouettes which were in demand by ladies for decades.

Also, there were some more good names such as:

  • Long Skirts
  • Blazers
  • Wool Sweaters etc.

These leisure apparels were very much popular among fashion fiestas of The Edwardian Era.

The 1910s

lampshade tunic 1910 fashion history

Finally, into the 1910s the popular fashion was Lampshade Tunic.

As you can get from the name Lampshade Tunic it was designed accordingly……..hats off to the fashion expert of the era Poiret who had designed such a unique dress for the ladies at the time.

This fantastic silhouette was designed with a wire hoop. That had created a round shape below from where it got the name.

Poiret’s concept of creating this unique silhouette could be worn with NO corset and hence was considered among his best contemporary styles. This fun-filled approach paved the way for more such styles in the next decade.

The 1920s

flapper dress 1920 fashion history

Want to flaunt in this gorgeous-looking Flapper Dress?

Well in fashion history this dress was consider to be popular among stylish ladies. As you can see the design – the shift style from the drop waist featured some embellished:

  • Beads
  • Fringe &
  • Other Decorative Pieces etc

All these added some special charm and playful components that enhanced the look of the wearer. Soon the design became popular among fashion-lovers during the era.

Not only the dress added charm but also the look of the wearer……the fashion was like a short bob hairstyle that matched with this Flapper Dress perfectly.

The 1940s

bikini 1940

Time changed and finally, it was the era of Bikini in the world of fashion history.

It was not at all predicted as a result of the warfare. Yes, this famous swimsuit was the consequence of fabric rationing since the beginning of 1943 by the government of the United States.

This was a kind of surprise for the fashion lovers from Louis Réard (the designer from France) who was the creator of this popular dress Bikini we see today. The dress was eventually named after the nuclear tests. Performed by America and a cut beneath the belly button. This style was not preferred till the later decades.

Altered, however, this popular fashion trend is still popular among beach lovers and swimmers.

The 1960s

babydoll dress 1960

Wearers looked like baby dolls wearing this Babydoll Dress. This dress was very much in demand in the time of 1960s.

During the 2nd Feminism, Wave ladies desired to express their newly found liberation and were looking forward to more restricting styles.

The outfit was named Babydoll Dress. Featuring shorter hem length with the ultimate articulation of contemporary women of the era. Many celebrities were seen wearing this form of dress including Twiggy. 

The 1980s

first shoulder pads 1980

Welcome to the 1980s!

In the world of fashion history, a new style with creative features created a blast all over. First Shoulder Pads were given much preference during the era. Featuring polka dots the dress was designed as a Fab for fashion fiestas.

More number of polka dots better it looks like a design. As you can look the lady is looking stunning in these black First Shoulder Pads featuring white polka dots.

Finally, the dress looked well with styled matching accessories look good.

The 2000s

tracksuit 2000s

Yes, it was the decade of a tracksuit. From J. Lo, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton to date the dress is still nostalgic. Don’t forget to wear a hat to get the right look.

The 2010s

athleisure 2010

In the 2010s the fashion history had seen the emergence of Athleisure. It was the time when wearers loved to roam all over the city wearing tees, hoodies, and sneakers throughout. These outfits looked cool and comfortable thereby maintaining the style you desired for.

The 2020s

hot pants 2020

Who doesn’t like hot pants? The period of 2020 changed the world of fashion history with the fabulous hot pants in the industry.

Just wear a jacket or long sleeves on the top and wear different stylish hot pants with a belt and just flaunt around as the model in the picture.

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