Daily Skin Care Routine At Home


Good skin will make you happy, so here is the daily skin cares routine that will help to protect your skin.


The most important daily skin care routine includes cleansing, treating the skin, and moisturizing. If you are involving these three steps in your routine, then you can able to maintain healthy skin. These three steps will play a major role as they will enhance the appearance of the skin, and also prevent aging. So, here are the best daily skin care routines that you can follow at home.

Top 8 Daily Skin Care Routine


It is important to follow a daily skin care routine. As it will not only keep the skin healthy but also helps to prevent other kinds of skin issues.

1. Wash your face twice


This is the most important daily skin care routine, as one should practice the habit of washing face with plain water before going to bed, and once got up from the bed. This will helps to remove the excess dirt and oil which is present on the surface of the skin.

If your skin has any impurities, then your skin will lose all its nutrients, natural oils, and moisture. Which will result in earlier aging, and also your skin will become drier. This step will also help to replenish the oil of your skin.

2. Cleansing – Daily Skin Care Routine

cleansing-daily skin care routine

Cleansing is the most important step, as you need to do this step without removing excess healthy oil from your skin. For this, you can prefer any kind of cleansing product or any exfoliating scrubs. But make sure not to prefer a product that has a lot of abrasive ingredients.

You need to choose a cleanser that doesn’t make your skin tight after washing. Avoid those kinds of cleansers that will make your skin feeling squeaky-clean, as they will remove the skin’s natural oil. If you have dry skin, then you don’t have to cleanse your face more than twice.

3. Toning – Daily Skin Care Routine

toning-daily skin care routine

Once you have finished with the cleansing, the next step is to put some toner. But remember to choose a toner that comes without alcohol, and the toner should be gentle on your skin. Also, make sure that the toner is not causing dryness to your skin.

You can prefer a non-dryer toner that comes with beta hydroxyl acid, and Pro-vitamin B5, and these two ingredients will make the skin bright, and also it will help to prevent moisture loss.  This is the easiest step, as you need to apply some toner on the cotton pad and wipe it all over your face.

4. Moisturizing – Daily Skin Care Routine

moisturizer-daily skin care routine

Moisturizer is mainly used to hydrate and soften the skin, and also it helps to protect the skin from water loss which will happen through the outer layer of the skin. Along with these functions, it will help the skin to retain the natural oils, and provide the skin with essential nutrients such as ceramides.

Moisturizer can be used for all kinds of skin, and even you can use this on your neck too. Depending on your skin type, the moisturizer will be varying from water-based moisturizer to a thick cream.

5. Use face serums

use-face-serums-daily skin care routine

Serums are used on the skin to improve the texture and tone of the skin, and the serum mostly consists of retinoids or anti-oxidants. The serum will help in collagen production, and also it will prevent the fine lines.

Before using the serum, you need to do a test by applying the serum on the damped area to check whether it suits your skin. For morning routine care, you can pick a serum that comes with Vitamin C or peptides, or any growth factors. This will protect you from the sun, and at night you can prefer serum that comes with retinoid.

6. Use Sun Screen

use-sun-screen-daily skin care routine

If you are a person who will undergo a lot of outdoor activities, then you can prefer sunscreen that comes with SPF 30 or higher. And you need to apply the sunscreen before 15 minutes of going out, as the sunscreen will take little time to get activated on your skin.

If you have darker skin, then you need a lot of sunscreen as in hyper pigmentation it is harder to reach. Even you can prefer the sunscreen products that will offer UVA / UVB protection. You need to choose the sunscreen product based on your skin type and sensitivity.

7. Pat some eye cream


When it comes to the skin care routine, it is important to take care of your eye area. as the eyes are the windows to your soul. If you have dark circles or puffiness under your eye, then it won’t make you feel and look good. So, it is important to pat some cream under your eye.

You need to apply the eye cream only after applying the moisturizer, and the eye cream should be applied both morning and night. If you have any dark circles or eye bags under your eye then it will help to remove them.

8. Exfoliate

Exfoliate is the most mandatory skin care routine, and if you don’t have time to exfoliate your skin daily, then you should do it once or twice a week. This is the process that will help to remove the dead cells and the cells that block the pores.

But try to avoid more coarse skin products, as it will cause certain inflammation. and these kinds of products are not good for any type of skin. Instead, you can prefer the exfoliator that comes with the enzymes, or fruit acids, or light scrub. Exfoliating the skin may improve the skin’s health and also prevent aging.

Bottom Line:

If you follow this daily skin care routine, you can able to maintain healthy skin. But if you are facing some issues in the skin for a longer time, then it is recommendable to visit a dermatologist. Also, you need to be very careful while choosing a skincare product, as it causes a major impact on the skin.

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